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Cleaning company Aigle

Cleaning company Aigle

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FM Romandie Cleaning is a company that is serious and rigorous, we take the time to do the things with a detailed final report.

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About our agency

Une entreprise nouvelle génération

After more than 7 years of subcontracting in the field of private and industrial cleaning, we have decided to offer our own services. We are a young, ambitious and full of goodwill company.


Nous fournissons les Meilleurs services.

Montreux cleaning service

Cleaning home

Lease-end, state of the premises. Preparation for the end of the lease for your apartment or home.
Montreux cleaning service

The end of a project

We shine your apartment, house, or all types of property after construction or renovation.

Cleaning Of Premises

Your local business professionals, offices. Our team takes care of its upkeep and maintenance.


Our team takes care of your high-end properties. A precision and quality cleaning according to your needs.

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davantage sur nous

Our company is ready and willing to answer all your questions as quickly as possible.

The price depends on several factors. You can without any other contact with us, it is with great pleasure that we send you a detailed quote, fast, free and without commitment.
Our concept is very simple and well-developed. Our company consists of a young and dynamic team. We work and maintain an excellent rapport with our clients. Moreover, the respect of the environment and ecology are two points very important to our eyes. We will be present at your side until your complete satisfaction.

Nous travaillons avec les meilleurs partenaires.

A single company cannot succeed alone. We need several partners to help us with our day-to-day tasks. We're a flexible, friendly company that can adapt to any situation.


We look forward to working with you !
FM Romandie Cleaning is a reliable and durable company. Don't hesitate to consult our opinion on the internet !

Cleaning company Aigle

Cleaning company Aigle

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Cleaning company Aigle

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