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Quote Clean Chablais Free

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    About our agency

    Une entreprise nouvelle génération

    After more than 7 years of subcontracting in the field of private and industrial cleaning, we have decided to offer our own services. We are a young, ambitious and full of goodwill company.


    Nous fournissons les Meilleurs services.

    Montreux cleaning service

    Cleaning home

    Lease-end, state of the premises. Preparation for the end of the lease for your apartment or home.
    Montreux cleaning service

    The end of a project

    We shine your apartment or house after construction or renovation.

    Cleaning Of Premises

    Your local business professionals, offices. Our team takes care of its Maintains is sustaining.


    Our team takes care of your homes high-end, a household of precision in the dust near.

    Vous en apprendrez
    davantage sur nous

    Notre entreprise est prête et disponible afin de répondre à toutes vos questions dans le délais le plus court qu’il soit.

    We operate in the sector and in the Valais, Chablais Vaud Vaud, Up to Lausanne. Please do not hesitate to contact us so that we discuss, our company is open to any new challenge or challenge.
    You can without any other contact with us, it is with great pleasure that we send you a detailed quote with all the amenities of the need for free.
    We are a handful of people, new challenges, we're not scared, in need we call immediately for reinforcements that will be present.
    Our concept is very simple and well-developed. Our company is young, full of rapidly growing, work and keep an excellent contact with our customers. In addition we also work in the respect of the environment and ecology. We are rigorous is full of desire to do things.

    Nous travaillons avec les meilleurs partenaires.

    Une seule entreprise ne peut réussir seule. Nous avons besoins de plusieurs partenaires qui nous aident dans nos tâches au quotidien. Nous sommes une entreprise flexible conviviale qui s’adapte à toute situation.


    We look forward to working with you !

    FM Romandie Cleaning is a reliable and durable company. Don't hesitate to consult our opinion on the internet !

    Quote Clean Chablais Free